Peak Paradigms of Leadership and Teamwork

In a presentation illustrated with spectacular photography, exciting stories, and personal anecdotes, Edwin Bernbaum uses celebrated mountains around the world as evocative paradigms to highlight different, key aspects of leadership and teamwork needed to complete  projects and build lasting organizations in today’s global marketplace. Each paradigm is illustrated by case studies from business and the non-profit world.  

Customized to meet your organization's needs and issues, the presentation draws on the following paradigms: 

Mount Everest EVEREST - Setting and attaining motivational goals 

Mount Sinai SINAI - Instilling a sense of calling and service 

Hua Shan, China HUA SHAN - Resolving conflicts, empowering others 

Mount Fuji FUJI - Building teamwork, identity, and stability 

Mount Kailas, Tibet KAlLAS - Establishing core values, ideas, and competencies 

Sierra Nevada California SIERRA NEVADA - Finding renewal and inspiration 

Mountain Journey MOUNTAIN JOURNEY - Dealing with downtimes, leading for the long term 

Annapurna BEYOND THE SUMMIT - Bringing home the lessons of failure and success 

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