Beyond the Summit:
Leadership Lessons from the Wharton Treks to Mount Everest

Over the past years mid-career business executives, many of them graduates from various Wharton programs, have trekked to Mount Everest in an unusual seminar designed to continue their leadership and teamwork development. The trekking route takes them through Sherpa villages and Buddhist monasteries to the summit of an 18,000-foot peak beneath the two-mile high ice face of Nuptse and Lhotse next to Everest itself.

Making full use of the spectacular cross-cultural setting, they have explored leadership and team dynamics on historic climbs of Himalayan peaks, across organizations and cultures, and within the group itself. In an illustrated presentation filled with striking photographs and personal anecdotes, Ed Bernbaum tells the story of their treks and shows how the kinds of experiences the business executives have can naturally bond people together in teams and make each one of us better and more effective leaders.

Leadership Trek to Everest Video

Co-leaders Ed Bernbaum & Mike Useem

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