Sacred Mountains of the World, 2nd edition

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Sacred Mtns World 2nd Edition Book Cover (Bernbaum)

Successful leaders do more than simply get their teams to the top

They build strong organizations to guarantee long-term success

Peak Paradigms draws powerful lessons from celebrated mountains around the world to help you develop the full range of leadership and team-building skills needed to survive and thrive in today’s global marketplace of rapid change:

  • What does Mount Everest teach us about ways of setting and attaining our highest goals?

  • How can leadership lessons from Moses’ ascent of Mount Sinai transform your organization?

  • What can the symbolism of Japan's Mount Fuji tell us about how to build strong teams and resilient organizational cultures?

Ed Bernbaum on Mount Fuji and Corporate Identity

Drawing on these and other peak paradigms, Ed Bernbaum, co-leader of the Wharton leadership treks to Mt. Everest, delivers a complete package of unique presentations designed to take your organization to new heights of success:

Keynotes and Presentations

YPO/WPO Leadership climb in the Venezuelan jungle to a lost world above Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world

Auyantepui (Bernbaum)-2.jpg

Ed joined seventeen members of the Venezuelan Young President’s Organization (YPO/WPO) to provide an educational leadership component for their climb up Auyantepui, a sacred table mountain in the southern Venezuelan jungle that has Angels Falls, the world's tallest waterfall coming off it. The “tepui” or mountain is completely encircled by vertical cliffs and has a completely isolated world of 300 square miles on top complete with canyons, jungle, rivers and cascades.

The Auyantepui experience was an extraordinary educational opportunity for YPO participants to strengthen their leadership skills and capacities through readings about leadership as well as about the setting and culture of the region, case studies, discussions, and experiential exercises all integrated into the climb of Auyantepui.  The lessons drew on powerful mountain metaphors linking experiences on the trek to situations and challenges back in the workplace and daily life.

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